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Sharing valuable insights from my experience gathering hundreds of thousands of leads

This course is an online video course that you can use to start landing your ideal clients. It's divided into 9 course videos. I'll walk you through the process I've used to gather hundreds of thousands of interested Facebook & Instagram users. By the end of this course, you can expect to know how to publish effective Facebook & Instagram ads and the process of turning leads into your ideal client.

01. Getting to Know Yours Ads Manager

We walk you through each section of the Ads Manager so that you completely understand the platform.

10:08 mins

02. Everything You Need To Know About The Facebook Pixel

Learn what the Facebook Pixel is, why you need it, and how to use it effectively for your objectives.

6:34 mins

03. Setting Up Your Campaign

Learn how to choose your Facebook Objective, best targeting practices, and Ad Placements for your ads.

25:31 mins

04. Standard Events and Custom Conversions

Uncover the power of Standard Events and Custom Conversions to optimize your return on investment.

11:09 mins

05. Custom Audiences

Learn what Custom Audiences are and how to leverage them to lower the cost of leads for your Business.

9:37 mins

06. Content + Email Marketing

Discover why email marketing is important and secrets for creating leads from new visitors.

7:20 mins

07. Building, Tracking, and Testing

Go through the process of creating a SOLID sales funnel, landing page anatomy, and how to properly refine.

11:49 mins

08. Facebook + Instagram Ads Strategies 1-4

Walk through how to actually use Facebook + Instagram Ads strategically to collect leads.

13:40 mins

09. Facebook + Instagram Ads Strategies 5-7

Learn additional insider strategies from what I've seen work by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook + Instagram.

10:25 mins

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Sarah Evans

About the Instructor

I loved everything weddings ever since I was a little girl. I dressed my Barbies in toilet paper dresses and did my 8th grade career project on wedding planning. I think I was destined to be in this industry in one capacity or another.

I am a full-time wedding planner at Sarah Evans Weddings who has a heart for the entrepreneur who wants to market their business well, but just doesn’t know how. I left my full-time career in advertising to go after my passion project. It's something everyone would love to do, right? How did I make the leap? Facebook and Instagram ads. Wherever you are at in your business whether it be just getting started, or just need to fill those last couple of dates for 2017, this course was made for you.

- Sarah Evans

What Wedding Creative Leaders are saying

  • Before this course, Facebook ads felt like a daunting skill set that I couldn't quite grasp. How do I create the most effective custom audiences? What kinds of budgets will get me the most exposure? And how in the world can I use Facebook ads as a regular part of my marketing strategy?! Sarah demystified this once-overwhelming field and make every step of the way easy to understand, and even fun! If you're looking to grow your reach through intentional advertising, I can't recommend this course enough!



    B is for Bonnie Design
  • Before taking Sarah's Social Leads Trial Course, I had searched through blog posts and short tutorials to try to make sense of the overwhelming yet truly valuable world of Facebook Ads. I attempted to take what I learned to create a couple of ads for both my online shop and my custom wedding stationery business, but each ad fell short with little to no results and lots of time and money wasted. It wasn't until I took the time to invest in fully understanding the ins-and-outs of Facebook Ads and my Power Editor through Sarah's course that I realized how I could use them to make a real impact in my business! I now have a handful of Facebook Ads prepared to launch to attract new clients to my newsletter for future course, product, and service launches; have pixels in place to capture potential leads for my online art school; and most importantly feel confident and in control of how my ads will directly impact my sales. Thank you so much Sarah for walking me through everything in such a comprehensive yet approachable way, I truly appreciate it!

    Jessica Marie

    Jessica Marie

    Simply Jessica Marie
  • I am so excited to run my first ad post class on Monday! I feel like this course was more than worth the money I paid. I am confident that I will attract my ideal clients and be able to grow my business.



    Raise the Ruth Events

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How long will I have to buy?

This course will be evergreen, meaning you can buy it when you need it!

How long will I have access?

Oh, friend. You have lifetime access! Any updates I make, you will have access to.

Is there a money back guarantee?

If you don’t feel like you have gotten any value out of Social Leads, I will for sure give you your money back. The only stipulation is that you actually do two weeks of work and actually run ads, and you request the refund within 14 days of purchase.

Are there payment plans?

There are! You can either pay $299 today or three payments of $119.

Are you dripping content?

Nope! Literally, the moment you purchase, you will get access to the FULL course.

Who is this course right for?

I made this course specifically for wedding professionals. So, if you are a photographer, wedding planner, videographer, DJ, venue, baker, caterer, etc. this course is for you, boo.

How much time does it take?

You COULD be up and running ads tonight… but, I recommend going through the course in a week’s time and prep for your ads another week before jumping in! It’s seriously all self-paced!

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